bloody good read!

keep meaning to make mention of one of my new favorite things to do - read online comics! ok, it sounds worse than it really is, but i was never much of a comic reader as a kid. seems i've devolved into a big fat child!

but you knew that anyway!

so, my current "list" that i check and read each day (and the trick is, start at comic #1 and work through them all - some of them have a BIG archive!!)

- Angst Technology: appeals to the geek in me, and proves how computer games are made!
- Camelot Addict: DAoC based comic with amusing things taken from the game.
- Ctrl+Alt+Del: Easily my most favorite comic with no real theme, but is VERY funny.
- Elf Only Inn: For those that have ever used a chat room to roleplay, this pokes fun and is sooo true!
- Little Gamers: Very amusing comic, again, no real theme, but the guys that write it deserve a pat on the back!
- Mac Hall: Another unthemed with a theme type, and is also very amusing.
- Order of the Stick: A D&D specific comic that is (tragically) how a lot of games end up...
- Real Life: Guess what - no real theme - but is definietly a laugh aloud comic.
- RPG World: If you've ever played Final Fantasy or something similar, you will appreciate this!
- Sinfest: From politics and religion, to a cat and dog duo to some kid trying to get a date.....
- Spells & Whistles: A fantasy adventure that has a lot of very amusing goings on!

If I had to chose my three favorite, I would have to say:
1- Ctrl+Alt+Del
2- Spells & Whistles or Order of the Stick (too hard to chose!)
3- Real Life

OK, so that's four. my blog, my rules! like i said already though, the first comic you read will probably mean nothing - you will have to read a few comics back, but if you have enough time (Real Life took me five days to read!) then read from the first comic...

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