goodbye summer!

ok, well not exactly, but you know how i harp on about the weather? you know how hot it's been this weekend and that the country is slowly grinding to a halt? well NOW they (the weathermen) are telling us to baton down the hatches and be ready for the country to be lashed by massive storms over the coming days - one of my friends that lives on the coast has been told to be ready with the sandbags!

what the hell!

in other news... all is good :) have uploaded an "advert" for the next zombie game that Jo and her brother run - you can download it from here but don't watch it in front of little kids - some of the prosthetics are pretty impressive. the torn stomach one is nothing more than red paint, latex glue and marshmellows!!

the hampster (or is it hamster??) is settling in nicely - fairly tame and not overly worried about being touched, so we're letting him/her settle in, and have used the colourful name of Squiggly McWiggly as a name. when in doubt of my msn messenger logon, look at the rodent! hehehe

right - i have to go entertain a very grumpy little girl. mummy went out with jaysen and now a certain child is crying for mummy! DOH!

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