hey chaps

had a couple of people mail me to tell me that they couldn't get the countdown to show up - either getting a plain grey box, or a box with a red X in it. after a bit of digging around, i've discovered that this is because it requires java 1.4.2 at least.

so - if you are having issues with the counter (and nothing else!) you can download the file from here. PLEASE NOTE: This is for WINDOWS - if you have problems as well as the counter not showing, it could be something else. I'm not going to take the blame for your computer going bang!

the file is titled "" and you will need WinZip to open it. I just used the "standard install" in jo's machine as hers was not showing it either, and it took about five minutes to install - i believe it downloads the files it needs from the internet (no where dodgy!). now it's installed, the countdown is working 100% fine.

like i say - don't do this if you're not up on what you are doing - i have plenty of random computer questions on a normal day!!

but one of the three old hens deserves a gold star, as she managed to sort a problem on her machine without crying OR sending me an email! and i thought little old ladies couldn't use computers... and if she asks for the star, she can go whistle! hehehe

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