so what's new?

a few things i suppose! first new thing - the headache i woke up with. yuck it hurts, right in the back of my head and round to my ears, so i want that to be gone pretty soon! nothing worse than waking up on a lovely summer morning with clear blue skies and blazing sun, only to feel like pants!

also - i've angered the FTP gods - or god. shannon (the chap in MA) has an FTP site with so much stuff on it, it's not even funny... and for some reason, i didn't tell him about my ftp! i figured there was nothing on there that he'd want! hehehe sorry old bean - i will set you a login for it today.

the kids continue to rise in their levels of sod-hood. last night, the power in the house tripped out, and having a look at the RCD unit (a unit that disconnects all the household electricity if any kind of strange or dangerous power fluctuation is detected), discovered it was caused by the "Lighting, Upstairs". after nipping up there, it becomes apparent that my son had been pulling and pulling on the landing light fitting, and shorted it out - so guess who get's to play electrician today! hehehe

current breakfast of champions - PopTarts. And no, i don't mean the Spice Girls! oooh i love em (tarts, not girls!!), and am currently eating my last two, so will need to buy some for my breakfast tomorrow, or all hell will break loose!

jo is feeling sore and tired which is all apparently part of having a bun in the over... Tangent: when we first discovered jo was preggers with Jaysen, waaaay back in 1998, she was in fact a baker. so the bun-in-the-over jokes were even funnier! hehehe Anyways - i think - i'm not certain, but i THINK she's starting her first craving. she came in last night just after midnight, and said "Ooooh I really fancy some Butter Puffs!" er, dear, it's very late. "MAKE ME SOME!" coupled with flickering flames, burning red eyes and the smell of brimstone. so, at 1230am, she was merrily scoffing. mental note: buy more butter puffs.

[Edit: I tried to find a decent link for Butter Puffs, as I know of a certain American lady that is fascinated by our buscuits over here - even more so when she was here on her honeymoon! Sorry darlin' - I will keep looking for you! A very amusing site is This One which reviews all the different busicuits over here!]

anyways - her tummy feels hard, and all of her clothes suddenly feel tight, so i am guessing the fluid factory is working over time! she's already started stealing my boxer shorts too! the cheek of it!

other than the kids being el-turdos last night, i ended up watching Men in Black. I was going to watch the sequel as well, but ended up messing around with my blog settings! hehehe simple things eh?

and today, i will not, I WILL NOT be working in the garden!

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