dream home!

It's amazing the things that you can have built to live in. A simple house isn't enough for a lot of people now, and in my years, I've been in a lot of houses, some nice, some crap, and some downright odd.

But if I win the lottery, I know exactly the sort of house I want - one of these. It brings a WHOLE new meaning to the phrase, Me Casa, Su Casa, or An Englishmans Home is his Castle.

Other than that, I just cannot wake up or get motivated. The kids were turds last night, and had such a late night, they are still asleep now at 9.30am. Jo is still in Snoresville, but there's nothing new there - this is early for her! She's going to be surprised in a couple of weeks when the kids restart school!!

Killing time, I've been browsing other peoples weblogs. It seems that Blogging is actually [Tangent - I hear the pitter of little feat upstairs!] a social thing. People blog, then read other blogs - it's a strange concept really. I suppose is a Diary, but I always believed that I diary is a deeply private thing and to read one was a BAD thing. But now, so many people do it! I suppose there is the Anoniminity part to it - People that have surfed onto this site know me as Dan, and the town I live in, but that's it. They could pass me on the street and probably not recognise me, and I could post about stuff they can relate to, but not know who I am.

But now, people read each others Blogs, some enjoy it, some thing they are dull (and let's face it, this is ranking pretty high on the Yawn-O-Meter!), some are interesting, and some are just, well, weird. I had a wander around this morning, looking at random profiles and reading a few blogs here and there. All very interesting :)

So, the kids are now up, and serving their prison sentance at the dinner table. Both are decidedly NOT impressed with the situation, so tonight they are having an early night and I will kick them awake at 7.30am to start resetting their Body Clocks. The evenings get later, the mornings get later, and before you know it, they are not sleeping till 11pm, and are getting up just before 10am. Like now.

Anyways - I will now torment them some more and discuss the facts of freedom with them, then plan my new home, then crack the news to the family, then ponder how come for a boring site I've had over 1100 individual visits!!

Maybe I'm not that boring after all! hehehe

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