what a night...

I had a completely CRAP night last night, partly due to the amount of caffine-enriched tea, partly due to being a grumpy old git. Every time I nodded off, something woke me up. First, it was the bloody cat (not the evil one, the gay one - long story for another time). He has decided to sleep on top of the TV and the DVD Player in our bedroom - which is all precariously balanced, complete with a room-fan up there. Night before last, he knocked a pile of DVDs and Gamecube games down onto the floor, and last night, he sent the room fan heading south. So in order to prevent him from getting BACK on there, I turned the fan onto maximum, and pointed it at his favorite sleeping spot.

Then, it started raining, and by "raining" I mean someone parted the Red Sea and threw it at Basildon. The skies opened. Now, we have a large, three-story house, but instead of a pointy roof, we have a flat roof. Being on the top-floor of the house, the rain is crashing just six or seven feet above us, and it's *noisy*. That carried on for an hour or so, and when it stopped, I had really sore eyes.

After that, it was a bit of everything. First, Jo tried to smother me with herself and the duvet, then my pillows were lumpy, then the bed was lumpy - and by this time, all my pain killers had worn out. Now, I COULD have taken more, but if I had done that at 5.30am, I would have ended up sleeping past lunchtime.

Just as I reached the comfy sleepy place, the frigging alarm went off at 7.45am. So I dragged myself into the shower. Now, I am waiting for the kettle to boil for some COFFEE - not super-charged tea. My eyes feel like piss-holes in the snow, and I have the reaction time of a stuffed cat. AND I'm cold.

Whinge Whine Blah Blah.

Plan of action for the day is to call my mum, then my sister, then my dad, then the grandparents and tell them "Heh, you're never going to believe why Jo has been sick..." Should go down a treat!!

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