Hands Up if You're Surprised!

Blueyonder - my erstwhile ISP - is currently down. Again. For maintenance apparently. It seemed to have died last night while I was trying to post for some games, and I was getting error messages back from my SMTP server. I suspect my POP server has been screwing as well, as my game-email account went pearshaped as well.

Watched the original Predator last night, as was reminded of an complete nobber from Game that tried to tell me a really interesting piece of trivia. The upcoming film, Alien vs. Predator, is the first movie to have been a computer game first. Really? So what about Resident Evil? He must have slept through that one. Final Fantasy, anyone? Heck, even the Dungeons & Dragons (of which a sequal is in the works) movie is based off a game!! He tried to tell me that all movies have computer games based on them, and not the other way around.

Nothing irks me more when someone tries to tell me something that they are ADAMENT is correct - especially someone that is trying to make a living in the Industry. When I was looking to buy a new mouse, a different chap in the same shop told me the Logitech Trackerball I was looking at was actually rechargable. No, that would be a different one.

And people wonder why I prefer mail order! hehehe Some staff in various shops NEED to know what they are talking about before opening their mouth and putting a crap-covered foot in it. The staff at game seem experts at such a fashion... The list of goofs from them is almost endless!!

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