Icky Sicky

Not me for a change, but Jo. She feels so rough, and currently she is babysitting because she felt she had to. I told her to cancel it, but she wouldn't. Who says women never listen?

Anyways - while she's been gone, I've been feeling a bit nostalgic, and have been going over all the pictures of Bethany when she was in hospital, and the difference is amazing, not just in how much she has grown, but how many times we were braced for her to not be with us any more. Here are four pictures that show the difference:

1hr, 15mins old

3 weeks old, before the cancer was removed

11months old, the day before open heart surgery

Her 3rd birthday - as a doctor

And even in the eight months since that last picture, she's changed again. She goes to school 5 mornings a week, she draws proper pictures, has an attitude... The list goes on and on.

Once day I will re-publish the full story of the little monster, but for now, we're content with where we are, even if surgery is looming in the dim distance.

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