long day!

finally, after three different days, we managed to get to my mums. we were late as usual, and it was chaos trying to get everything sorted in order to go. cards, pressies, wallet, keys, kids, phones - then remember something else, then go back home to get the boy to leave his gun here - mission impossible.

anyway - mum has two dogs (amongst other things) - a golden retriever named Basil, and a springer spaniel named Percy (hey, SHE named them, not me!!). both are a couple of sarnies short of a picnic, are very playful and have more energy than that bloody battery-bunny. so - from 1.30 (when we arrived) till 6pm, the kids and the dogs were wearing one another out. up and down, up and down - completely crazy. she (my mum) also has 15 cats - we've always had lots of cats.... when we moved into the house, we had 2, and picked up a stray after a month. then we had a rescued one, then got into rescuing and fostering litters of kittens and such like. when i left home to move in with jo, there were 11. oh, and there are ducks, 2 of them. and the parrots - 5, the fish in the pond - about a dozen, the tropical fish, plus 2-3 injured birds in the shed that neighbours rescue from cats and bring to her!

so - crazy central - and i still don't know what we talked about but i tend to be pretty quiet when i am there, and jo and mum chat, and they gossip, and they go on and on and on.... just like the dogs and that bloody bunny.

so - with two knackered kids, knackered me, and jo coming down with something, we realise we still need to get some shopping, so get into town, get out stuff, and run away home. it's just gone 7.30pm, and i am already considering bed! of course - this depends if the two monsters go to bed, and then we'll probably hit the sack with a couple of dvds or something.

anyways - i'm tired, hot, sweaty and aching - so i think an early night will do me good. plus it means i get to get up early to plough through the housework that has been building since saturday. it's amazing how much laundry piles up when you're not looking!!

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