some days...

you know "those days", as in "having one of THOSE days" - for some reason, i seem to be having another one. again! first off, jo is definietly coming down with something, some kind of lurgie is approaching, i can feel my germie-sense tingling.

the kids are bored out of their skulls - it's half-way into their school holiday, they are bored of the garden, the park, their toys, their bed room - it's just one thing after another. and bored kids equal bad kids. it's literally one thing after another with them.

i just don't seem to be getting anywhere fast, and i can't put my finger on WHY! i do one job, then another crops up, and before that's done, i'm starting another - before i know it, half the house is vacuumed, half the washing up is done, there are clothes that need folding!!

i suspect it's because i'm knackered with a capital KNACKERED. so, sitting down, chugging coffee (first of the day, it's 12.35!), typing (obviously!) and watching austin powers 3 - chill, have a break, then get some more stuff done.

jo - despite being sick - has taken the kids to the park with our friend amber and her kids - so the house is quiet for an ickle while :) so - time to eat i think. normally, i am not a fan of pot noodles. they're excellent for live role-playing, but otherwise i don't eat them! well, unless i have a craving, and this week, i've had a CRAVING! hehehe so, kettle is on again, and i am waiting for me grub!

what else - well, i've got me a bundle of mp3's, and lots of my friends - here and around the world - are often asking me for various songs - so i finally set up an ftp server! hehehe in a week, people have downloaded 5Gb of music from me! GREEDY BASTARDS!!

and lastly - if anyone has any amusing, gross or otherwise entertaining websites, lemmie know!!

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