morning already?

Right it's now... 10.10am. Me and Jo finally went to bed and stopped chattering at about 5.30am, and we're up again now. Well, sort of. More in body than anything.

Bethany slept very well last night - the drowsiness caused by the charcoal added to the drowsiness caused by the tablet(s) she took, but she is up and about this morning, black lipped and thirsty. Her eyes are a bit wide, and I know she is seeing the world in slow motion, but otherwise, she seems soooo much better.

At 2am this morning, I was scouring the house for tablets, no matter HOW well I considered them to be hidden or out the way, they are ALL packaged in a tin that even Jo can't reach, in a cupboard. Never again. Some of you might recall that a few years back (and around the same age) Jaysen did something similar, and he went to hospital, but threw everything up so didn't get the charcoal.

Jo said that she was as good as gold with the stuff - At the risk of sounding like this is little more than a karmic reaction, I too - as a child - put my parents through a similar thing after drinking an entire bottle of medicine, and I had the charcoal, and it is NOT nice. She complained about having it, but still took it like a good girl.

Anyways - I doubt we'll be around much today - the idea of going back to bed is sooo tempting, but both kids are up and about. Bethy wants breakfast which is a good sign (for me anyway!). As for the 'rash' we thought she had, it's actually some kind of bite from where she enjoys sitting in the long grass nekkid. Figures.

Last night was just hell. When she first went in, I was in panic mode, and even though I tell people not to do it - I scoured the internet looking for information about the drug (Amitriptyline), worked out what was a moderate and severe poisoning, read all the horror stories associated with overdose. I seem to recall nodding off to sleep once or twice and jolting awake with worse-case-scenario dreams. When she came home, we put her to sleep in our bed, and I am sure that every ten minutes I woke up to check on her. I vaguely remember my phone ringing at 7.30am - my mum telling me to chill and not stress about getting to her today - and then it was 10am and Jaysen wanted breakfast.

I asked them both about my pills, and he said "Bethy ate two" but didn't want to tell me in case he got told off. So, let's hope it WAS just one. I've checked and double checked the floor in our room, and it seems to be pill free - but I will get the squids up there later and ask if they put any into a safe place. THEN I'm going to hoover the buggery out of it. Just in case.

Thanks for all the mails last night while I was pulling my hair out. Now to deal with the guilt some more. Gonna go veg, maybe watch some films of good guys and bad guys blowing one another up.

Dan & Co.

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