so, i sit here, waiting for them to get home, mixed with the last twinges of worry, a healthy dose of relief, and a massive dose of guilt. i just cannot understand how either of them got to the tablets.

not going to happen again - those of you that have known me a while know jaysen did exactly the same thing around the same age, but with ibuprofen. who says lightning doesn't strike twice eh?

anyways - every med, from pain to indigestion to herbal remedy - all of it is now in a tin in a cupboard by the ceiling behind the flour. not that i ever took risks with meds, but better to be safe than sorry.

and the sorry that COULD have been... no doubt that will haunt me for several more days.

time to re-arrange the plans for the day ahead. sleep always looks good.

thanks for the support, from the heart lists to the D&D lists, you were all there for us. again. we can't really ask for better friends.

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