or however you spell it... house is tidy (ish), and i am clean and minty-smelling. i've just remember to have breakfast (12.14 in the afternoon!) and balls to the rest of the house work. we've got to go into town, and as much as i don't want to, it's that or hoovering.

and i hate hoovering.

on a side note, i just smacked my hand on a tap and it really really hurts - my poor right hand! (stop giggling at the back).

so - now to get dressed - as i am still streaking around in my boxers (a clean pair now!), and i was going to do my hair, but it occurs to me that sitting in front of a fan blowing full pelt at me is liable to have dried it into a very, well... crap style.

ladies and gentlemen - dan english - half awake, half nekkid, all crap hair:

ok, not that terrible, but still - time for clothing and a hat :) then it's StooperDan to the Shops!

StooperDan becomes Mild Mannered DressedBoy, ready to thwart the evils of the shopping centre.

Mild Manner DressedBoy, AWAY!

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