so much for a day of rest!

i had this great plan today - do feck all! had a lay in, did the housework, and that's about it. jo's older brother grant has some friends of jo's coming down, so she planned to trundle up there for the day, and about twenty minutes after she left (and my plan for playing doom then doing some mails) her other brother turned up.

"let's paint the fence!" he said.

bugger it. so for two or three hours, we've been painting the fences. i gave him the awkward one and did the easy one - the awkward side still has two and a half panels to go, and the easy side has three. plus the shed is still grotty-looking. so now i ache and hurt and could go to sleep - but jo is back off to grants shorly (she came back for food!) leaving me with two naughty little children. not sure if i will get anything done, so i will probably nail the squids into their beds - not that it normally works - and watch a movie or something.

i still have The Last Samurai to watch, which i am looking forward to - but not in the mood for an epic just yet. i've got a copy of Slackers to watch that i borrowed from amber (wonder if she's trying to tell me something!), plus there are various things upstairs to watch.

incidently, watched Peter Pan (no, not the disney version!) last night, again, borrowed from amber - not bad, pretty much true to the book, and all the actors in it were british - bar one. Pan. Peter Pan, born in London, with a Californian accent. and buggering hell did he have an annoying laugh!!

of course - i could just have an early night and read some more. book of the moment; A Man Betrayed, which is part two of the triolgy "The Book of Words" and it is excellent. Low-Fantasy, in that there are no elves, no monsterous creatures - magic (sorcery) is considered evil but is quite rare. definietly recommend it!

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