the weekend!

i can't believe how long this sucker took to get here. not that i have a difference between weekEND and weekDAY - sometimes i don't even realise it's saturday! i am determined not to work in the garden today. i had a really crap night thanks to the aches and pains (mostly pains) of my back, but there's not a lot that can be done about it.

the rest of the fence can wait till monday or tuesday thank you very much! of course, all the work we did thursday with the gravel, we've decided it was so much fun, we're going to do it again! we want another ton of gravel to add to what is already out there, and another in order to lay a gravel patio and pathway. we're also going to get some short bamboo dividers instead of laying concreate ones - they will have gravel on one side and pine woodchips on the other. the woodchips are going around the kids swing and slide set. currently, we're averaging two or three "accidents" per week - and by accident, i mean swinging upside down and clunking the nogging on the ground, or sliding down the slide backwards and letting gravity do the rest.. fun fun fun!

we've got our picnic bench set up now - grant, greg, amber and jodie did that, all helping one another while i sat down on the ground, and tried to figure how to get up again. quite impressive - it only took them twenty minutes to build it, AND there were no bits left over! everyone have been great - they know i am a stubbon sonofabitch, so instead of asking me "do you want a hand?" they said "we will help you". i'm not big on the charity aspect of my back, but am glad and thankful they were there for me!

so - once all is done, i am going to do the thing i excel at doing - feeding people! hopefully next weekend everything will be layed, edged, trimmed, painted and arranged, and i will be cooking enough meat to choke a T-Rex! BARBEQUE!

our garden has never been "great", it's always been "not bad" - usually on the day it is cleared and for three or four days after that. Any more than that, and the weeds are apparent. true, we COULD have pulled the weeds as and when they appeared - but after a long stint of gardening, i am usually fit for nothing for a couple of days, and jo is not a green fingered gnome. grey fingered, like me, to match the colour of the keyboard. once it's finished out there, i will put up a few pictures to show the world how great it is.

once the hard work is done, we're THEN going to start fleshing it out - plant pots with flowers, small shrubs, mabybe even some miniture (not bonsai!) trees. I want a GARDEN that I can be proud of, not a patch of scrubland. gardening is in my bones - my mum has a rainforest for a garden and it seems to be in bloom every day of every year, and my nan - wheeee - talk about a garden... it's a quarter mile long, and filled with plants from all around the world! all my mums side of the family, not my dad - he just pays someone to do his garden...

other than that - had several mails from people about the mp3 listing further down! if you are after anything on the list, let me know - one track i can email to people (unless they are using hotmail or yahoo mail - the file is too big), or if you want a list, i have an ftp i can use, so you can access it and download whatever you like - either leave a comment here, or chuck me an email!

loads of stuff plugging through my head at the minute, but i think i will leave it there for the time being and try to catch up on the housework. *cry*

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