Bit of an update at 4am

Bethy is still sleeping, and the docs are watching her like hawks. She had some active charcoal, and part of my brain that is still firing is telling me that is to soak the nasty up. i am fairly certain they don't make you sick anymore as that only makes it worse.

Anyways - Jo is holding up, has fallen asleep twice, and having to listen to the docs ask "Is she usually this drowsy". It doesn't help that it's 4am, but no, she is not usually this drowsy.

I've read various bits and bobs on the net, and it has listed that 10-15mb per kilo can cause moderate problems, and at most she's had 6-7mg per kilo - but those figures are for "normal" healthy people, so I'm not sure what to expect.

I am tired and rambling - more info when I get it.

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