Another Update


Had another phone call - hospital have decided it wasn't a dangerous dose, even with all her medical doo-hikeys, and are sending her home. The suspect she didn't take as many as were missing - there were three missing - and that while she will be drowsy and probably a bit grumpy for a day or two, she should be fine. The charcoal apparently makes you drowsy as well, plus it absorbs the nasty...

So, once again, it looks like a case of several things hitting her at once. It was awful trying to wake her to get her dressed for the Paramedic. She was so floppy and not really waking up except to mutter a grumble at us. She's woken up a few times at the hospital, but will be sleeping a while.

I remember when I took them for the first time - I slept from 10pm till 1pm without moving, and that was one pill, and even when I was awake, I wasn't... So if she's had 1, 2 or 3, she will be feeling very odd over the next day or two.

Thanks for all the emails. I've been reading them on and off between fitful sleeping and such like. Once they're home, I vote for a lay in.

Thanks again, and nighty night.

On behalf of the little madam.

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