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Let's try figure out where to begin.

Le Bump:
All is well in baby town for the moment. We had the first scan last week, and the little midget in there would not keep still for the sonographer! All Jodie and me focused on was the little blink-blink-blink of the heartbeat, so that was a huge relief!

Jo is getting a bit of a bump now, which is cool! The scan date bumped the due date back by a week, so she is actually past the 12-week mark now, and the new due-date is April 2nd. Of course, as she's having a C-Section, this will be a week earlier - which is Easter. Saves me buying her an egg I suppose!

Le Squids:
The kids are probably the main reason why I have not been around much of late. And when I say "Not around much" my computer has actually stood powered down for three days at a time, which hasn't happened since I got it!

Still, me saying "more time when school starts" was probably the biggest, stupidest piece of optimism this year - today, for example, I have been through my front door 12 times. Twelve! No wonder I feel like crap.

Anyways - Jaysen continues to do well in school - we're entering week four, and already he has had four "Accident Reports" which basically means "Jaysen is a Klutz!". Nothing serious, bumps, bruises and grazes mostly.

And the little turd has wobbly teeth. Rather, HAD wobbly teeth. He lost his two front/bottom teeth aaages ago, but in the space of three days, he's lost a top one and a bottom one, plus has two others wobbly. The tooth fairy has a mission at night getting the money under the pillow, and sobs when he does it, as the going rate for a tooth now is £1. I remember when it was 20p.

Bethy has a cold, and no doubt come the weekend it will have developed into a full-blown nasty. Which ain't fun, as it usually means one of us will end up staying a night in hospital with her. Other than that, she is loving each moment of pre-school, enjoys her painting, gluing and telling me she is going to marry one of the little boys there and have his babies.

Someone hand me a chastity belt!

Grumpy Old Git
That'd be me. Let's see. The 17th marked my 28th birthday, and we had a bloody good time - we actually got shot of the kids for the night, so we could go out and enjoy a meal and movie without watching the clock! We went to the Aussie Outback

Hmmm, dunno why the rest of the post never came through - pah - guess I will have to remember what I wrote!

We went to the Aussie Outback for my birthday dinner and got completely bloated on far too much food. After that, we headed off to the movies to see Anchorman - bloody hell did I laugh!! Very funny movie, but only if you are into that kind of thing :)

And, other than that, things with me have been crap again. My back is getting worse, and a trip to the doctor confirmed it. Apparently I have to "take it easy" for a few days. Right. The world can wait eh?

Added to this, I am waaaay down in the dumps again. Call it a mood, call it depression, call it a rut - whatever it is, I am not a happy bunny. I have no drive, no energy and just feel completely burnt out. Mr Doc has increased my antidepressants - and while I think he enjoys the conversations with me when I am not with it, it's probably for the best. At least, I hope so.

The absolute worst thing at the moment, is that I have had to put all my games onto hold. All my PBeMs that I run, all the games that I play - I am just completely burnt out to the point I haven't even got the energy to post for them. You should see my Outlook Folders. Virtually every single folder has at least 5 unread messages, and most of the Heart List groups are approaching the 1000 messages unread mark.

I can't - I WON'T - kill my games permanently, I just need a break from everything to get things straight in my head, and hopefully come bouncing back slowly.

So, lastly - apologies for the crappy longwinded post. Hopefully I will be able to post on here more often with my ranting :)

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