Stolen. My Time. Suspects: My Kids.

Funny, I figured kids being back at school would mean more time to do stuff I wanted to do, and yet, here I am at 6.30pm on Sunday afternoon trying to figure what the hell happened to my time. I helped dig a pond yesterday, but that doesn't account for the rest of the week and a bit that has vanished.

We've just been so fricking busy it's not even funny - my computer has been screwing today with under-use (I am sure of it!) and have only just got it stable again. My email is dinging every couple of minutes, so no doubt I have a small army of emails to read *cough*delete*cough* and, er.... I think that's about it.

Anyone know how to squeeze a few more hours from my day, please let me know!! I could do with a 30 hour day just to do everything, and I suspect I wouldn't notice it at all - after all, I'm knackered as it is, so what's a few more hours!

Off to put the squids to bed...... It never bloody ends.

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