And As The Dust Settles...

Things are very gradually returning to a semblance of normality. The funeral went off without a hitch, and I am pleased to say that most of the village my Grandad lived in turned out for the service - the church was full, and it was an impressive send off. Surprisingly, I found the church the hardest part, and sat there with Jo and the rest of the family sobbing my heart out. I usually find the actual burial the worst part, but the cemetary where he has been laid to rest was so peaceful, it helped make everything feel better.

Mum and Nan are still up and down, getting on with it one minute, and crying the next - but I am not surprised at all, as I am the same, as is my sister. I still can't believe he is gone, but I guess I will come to terms with it.

The "Certain Family Member" continues to put his oar in where it is not needed, and has been pretty much told to bugger off now. He is still under the impression nan is an incapable invalid AND an idiot, but I think he is slowly coming to terms that he is in fact entitled to bugger all. When he asked - BEFORE the hearse arrived I might add - "How much did the old git leave me?" and mum and nan took him aside to tell him "Everything he had in the bank has paid for his funeral, and the rest is for mum" he was actually put out! "How am I supposed to pay MY bills then?" he asked.

Ahhh bollocks to him. Pardon the language, but thinking about him makes my blood boil. Same with Gemma, and she is even less subtle than I am. Strangely, he and his family have vanished from the guest list at Gemmas Wedding, so that should be amusing!!

Jo has been my rock in a role-reversal situation, despite her being huge at just four months preggers. She can feel lots of movement from within, and judging by the size of her belly, we reckon we have another boy on the way - she was the same with Jaysen, and not so big with Bethy. We made her an interesting purchase the other day, something called a Belly Bra - it supports the heavy boobs as well as the lump, taking the weight off the pelvis - all seems to be working better now!

And so, tonight, me and Jo are going out with Gemma and Peter - nothing special, just off to the movies to get out and take all our minds off things - and what better way than to watch a zombie film! Resident Evil 2, here we come!!

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