Getting On With It

Time seems to once again have marched onward, and I am still trying to determine if I am cheered up or not. I do feel a bit better, and Jo has been a real rock for me, as well as finding time to grieve herself. I still find myself thinking back, but I am not looking back onto the moment I saw him removed from the ambulance, but further to Christmas and visits and such like.

To kill time and keep my mind occupied, I've been ploughing through my DVD Collection (including the extended Lord of the Rings ;), plus I've been playing various online games such as Squares and Spank the Monkey (I know, I know!). Of course, you might ask why I am not playing my first love, Dark Age of Camelot, and I should mention I am on the World of Warcraft Closed Beta (as a VIP don't you know!). Well, that would be thanks to my main hard drive - with games, mp3's, and such like - having coughed, sputtered and fallen over. So now I have to find a wad of cash to get another 120Gb Hard Drive, and hope to whatever Diety is shitting on me is not watching, and that I can recover all my files.

In order to fill in the space of boredom, and taking peoples advice for a change (wierd eh!) I have decided to take up a new hobby - that of raising "prehistoric" creatures. Most of you probably know what Sea Monkeys are - little bitty critters that lay eggs that lay dormant till wet. Well, while out over the weekend spending my hard earned money, I came across the mother of all "Just Add Water" pets - Triops!

How cool is that!! They grow up to an inch or two on average, and are asexual, so can reproduce on their own. They live about 12 weeks or so, and when they die, you dry out the tank, sand, gravel or whatever, leave it a while, they add more water - and all the eggs they laid come to life! I've found several pretty useful sites, including a YahooGroup - and they are a wealth of information! Hopefully I will start them off later today, and in a few days, we'll see how many there are!

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