Things are pretty much back to normal. Kinda. I started off the Triops kit last night, and set my little lamp to giving them warmth and light - so far, nothing, but hopefully by the morning (heck, maybe even later tonight!) there could be a few little dots swimming around..


Hold that thought - between typing that paragraph and staring into the water, I DO see something wiggling around. OK it's REALLY tiny, and without the specs on I'd see nothing, but there is something in there! WOOHOO! OK, I have NO clue what it could be - the kit comes with Triops eggs, but it's likely there are others in there too - Daphnia, Fairy Shrimp and Clam Shrimp apparently, but we shall see!

Anyways - Jo has now shifted onto the next phase of being pregnant - that of "Nesting". Basically, nothing is now tidy enough for her, and yesterday, her "pottering around" became her dismantling furniture she doesn't like any more... Today, she and Amber are going to be decorating the spare room for Jaysen - I am not getting involved! Being colourblind takes me out of the colour-planning for any room, and being a grumpy cripple at times, well, that takes me out of the ceiling painting. Jo likes to paint, and Amber likes to paint. Jo is tall, Amber is short. Works kinda well really!

And as a bonus, we managed to convince Amber to babysit for us again - so we're off out with my sister and Pete to see a movie - Alien vs. Predator more likely, but no doubt I will let you know later or tomorrow. I love the Alien movies, and the first Predator film was great - so now, with up-to-date special effects and stuff, it should be a blast... Remember - I LIKE mindless action films!

Note to self. Start blogging more!

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