Today @ Guys

So, today was the first REAL hurdle we came to with Jo being preggers and all - the Fetal Cardiology scan at Guys.

Very odd circumstances - 4 years TO THE DAY that we had the very same scan at Guys, and we have the very same sonographer, the very same counciller, and the very same doctor to double check it!

However, compared to four years ago we actually had a clue what was happening, and we were slightly less nervous!

Anyways - to cut a long story short (too late!), after about fourty minutes, the sonographer was very pleased with everything. We got to hear babys heart beat running along smoothly for the first time, and even as she sat there, I could make out the four chambers perfectly. Septum appears fully intact, and all the plumbing looks optimal, plus the heart is where it should be!

(and thankfully there was just the one in there!!)

So - we go back on 6th January 2005 (which is only 10 weeks away!!) for them to have another peek and double double check, but they are happy that everything is right in BabyLand.

Thanks for the messages of prayers, crossed bits and bobs and such like - they definietly helped!!

Dampner of the Day - The Journey Home. London is a busy busy city, and at 4pm, everyone in London leaves London - and heads home the same way we do. Of course, logic would dictate "Pregnant Woman is OFFERED a Seat", but was she hell. Me - I can handle standing on the train, but Jo has a fat belly, swollen ankles and is generally preggers - and very obviously so.

She eventually got a seat - I had to push my way through those standing to get to a seat that was empty - despite some idiot that had his briefcase/coat on the seat, but she sat down.

So thanks to you, Mr Insurance Salesman, for completely ignoring the pregnant woman in front of you trying to sit down. Thanks to you too, Ms. High-Powered Boss, talking about your staff loudly on your telephone, and again, thanks to you too trio of builders swearing and shouting and laughing in my ear, then scowling at me when I received a text message...

Thanks to the herds of sheep on the 4.30 train from Fenchurch Street to Laindon - you rock.


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