It's All Fun and Games!

5.30pm, and already the country is blowing up all the bits it missed last night. OK, so it's dark, but come on - surely everyone got their annual explosive quota LAST NIGHT?! I wouldn't mind, but

  • A) It carried on till gone 2am
  • B) We have two kids that don't like to be woken in the middle of the night.
Luckily, I discovered I am not alone... Some of the girls on my CHD-UK support group are with me on it being a fricking nightmare at this time of the year, so I don't feel quite so grinchy. If that is even a word! hehehe

The Triops (Triops is both the singular and plural name!) is still growing, and shed another skin last night. It's quite squishy till it drys, then it becomes quite brittle. I am almost certain I spied and egg pouch, much like the one pictured here, so hopefully once the little squirt dies, his line will continue to amaze and amuse me!

Today was probably the quietest day I have had in a LONG time, so decided to play DAOC. All would have been fine - had I renewed my subscription last week. Arse. So, I figured I would give World of Warcraft another bash. And before you ask, no, it's not released - I'm just in the closed Beta (along with Jodie!) as a VIP. How cool am I? hehehe Anyways - very pretty game, and while there are still a few bugs in it, I enjoy it as you don't HAVE to group with others much. Generally, when I start a new game, I like to check it out on my own, see what is what and run around. The biggest difference between DAOC and WoW is the lack of The Dragon Fighters - the guild we're in in DAoC, and honestly, they do make the difference!

Anyways - we messed around on their for a few hours, got bored of getting our arses handed to us, so Jo went shopping, leaving me to play one of the greatest games on Earth, NPP-Angband. If you're a geek, and into REALLY old games, check it out. I've been playing various incarnation of Angband since I was 10 or 11! (And never beaten it!)

So, plans? Dunno, Don't Care. I'm currently converting all the .wma files in my music collection - of which there are over 350 - into MP3s as I hate Windows Media Player! hehehe It is not a fast process! Anyways - once THAT is done, I will probably.... er... Watch Dawn of the Dead, or maybe Shaun of the Dead. I'm in a Zombie Movie mood at the moment! hehehe

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