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So, things are quiet here. And by "HERE" I mean the blog. HERE as in home is anything BUT quiet - hence Blog-Here being silent! Confused? Welcome to my life!

Actually, considering Crimbo is just around the corner, things are relatively calm. Jo got most of our shopping done like six weeks ago, and I am considering wrapping them. Considering - not actually doing. It's a grand affair of planning you know. And buying wrapping paper. And tape - that helps. But meh.

Had to have a needle today to protect me from the flu. Bethy had two needles - flu and pneumonia - and she wimpered a bit. I nearly fell off the chair into unconsciousness... Nothing new there. Being a manly man I help my crap together *flex*. I still feel sick mind you.

Jo is huge. And by huge, I mean most people say "Ooooh Baby before Xmas?" to which she just laughs. Funny, I laugh too - right up until she lays on me in bed, and then it's a strangled cry of "mercy" that gets her off me again. She's not sleeping at the moment mind you - her pelvis is splitting apart once again, so we're back off to physiotherapy for her.

We had a letter from Bethanys doctor a couple of weeks back, and figured "OK, this is it - the date of the surgery." and went to jolly old London with our hearts in our throats. Turned out he just wanted to see her, and when he DID see her, he decided she was doing so well, we didn't need to see her for six months. YAY! In short, that means her surgery will be out of cold/flu/germ season and in the warm months!

Jaysen is six in two days. I can't believe it. "They" say "Ooooh they grow so fast" and when Jaysen was born, I was like "Whatever" but now - feels like just yesterday we were getting ready for Jo's induction, and now here he is writing Xmas Cards for his class mates and telling Santa what he wants.

The kittens of Sinny are growing - one has moved onto pastures new, but the other two - the two boths - have been homed. Here. With us. Joy. Dipstick and Cosmo. Dipstick, as in "The tip of his tail is white" and Cosmo as in, well... Cosmo! If you don't watch Fairly Odd Parents, you probably won't know WHAT I am talking about...... But YAY RABIES!

Anyways - now I am back on track, I will be keeping this all up to date once again. Well, kinda ;) I am on Triops #2 now after an unfortunate moulting accident, but he's doing really well.

Other than that... What's occuring? Nothing... Been playing World of Warcraft Close Beta on and off. I like the game, very cool, but there is *something* about it that I don't like. Dark Age of Camelot held me - grabbed me - for a solid year. WoW, well, I am on and off. Grouping seems pointless as the XP is better solo - apart from the "Elite" dungeons which need a group. Killing (just killing monsters) isn't worth it, as questing is a lot better XP - but running around the place, killing X critters, or taking Item A to Person B - it gets samey. I dunno - maybe when it is released something will change, but we shall see.

Got Jodie Friends for Xmas - and I don't mean I bribed some crazy people to talk to her - I got her Friends! Series 1-10 complete, DVD. Not the cheapest set I have ever brought - in fact, this is the most expensive box set I have ever got. But she likes it! Currently in Friends Over-Dose, but hey, it's a chuckle!

Me - Jo is getting me a spanky new camera for Xmas - but after the effect, in the January sales. Don't blame her - they are pricey anyways, but I think we have a friend that works in a photography shop, so it might be time to start turning on the charm... hehehe Not sure exactly WHY I want a camera - I would love to start taking "Pictures", and I don't mean "Kid in the bath" "Gran on the sofa" and other classics, but PICTURES. People, Places, Events. I often look through the picutres on Deviant Art and think "I could do that" so I will. But NEXT year!

And in closing... Roll on Friday...

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