All Fun As Usual!

Let's see... Yesterday, we get emails from Blizzard - World of Warcraft is being updated again, but instead of downloading a patch, we have to download the ENTIRE client again. I wouldn't mind, but it's 2.5Gb, and despite having a 1.5Mb connection, it usually takes 36 hours to download which is a REAL pain in the arse. But what you gonna do. Pah. The biggest downside is the BitTorrent software is a Bandwidth hog. It takes ages to load ANY webpage, Email takes forever to download, and I cannot send ANY emails while downloading. So, pain in the arse.

Next - Jo went away for the weekend last night. She's gone off to see her Live Roleplay Friends, and there is a game up there this weekend. As Jo is heavily preggers, the guys that organise it have been so great for her - they have put her up in their home so she doesn't have to sleep somewhere crap (like a tent in December!) and they have eliminated ALL combat from the night, making it a roleplaying event without any fighting - just to make sure Jo is kept safe.

Of course, whenever Jo goes away, something goes wrong. 11.30pm I go to bed. 12.15am, Bethany starts being sick, and carried on right through till 5.30am. And THEN decides to get up at 7.30am. I am KNACKERED but have managed to get the house tidy. I am now sitting down watching my extended edition of Return of the King. Still a great movie, and now runs for 4 hours! hehehe Yay Geeks!

So I am now tidy, grumpy, unable to do much on the internet, only able to read mails, and I need a wee. It never ends :)

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