She's Coming Home!

Yesterday was pretty much a sleepy blur thanks to the Fun Time Vomit Night (tm), so after the kids had an early dinner and an early bedtime, I stayed up a bit later watching a film - Shaolin Soccer. Very amusing, very tacky, and all around a good movie - if you are into either dubbed voices of subtitles. Kung Fu meets Football (yes, football). I like the old dubbed kung-fu movies anyway, but this one uses computer special effects as well, so was a real laugh... I will probably watch it today as well!

Bedtime for me was a little before 9.30pm! What a man!

And yes, as the title states, Jo is heading home today - well, she's leaving there in about 3 hours, so will be home early this afternoon. She had one complete nob keep trying to attack her, and THEN the Essex Lot (everyone that goes up there from down here) listened to the idiot listen to her bragging how she was the only one that could get to her. They slapped her down (verbally of course ;) and pointed out that the reason she was the "only one that could attack her" was because she was the only idiot that seemed to think hitting the pregnant girl was a good idea. Stupid cow. Oh, did I not mention - this was a girl! Idiot. If you're reading this - you're a tit.

So - got up to find World of Warcraft had finally finished downloading, so now I can catch up on my mails and read stuff on the web once again. Not sure what has changed. [Edit: Not huge amounts, but there is a load of Xmas Stuff on there!] I suppose I could read the patch log, but that's too much effort! hehehe Probably Open Beta starting. Being as great as I am, I actually have two spare Open Beta CD Keys knocking around. Maybe I will use them, maybe I won't! hehe

Time for another coffee methinks!

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