Coffee Time

I like this part of the day. Housework is done, dog and cats are asleep, kids are out (Jo is with Bethy), so it's just me sitting here with a large coffee. Not that I ever drink "normal size" coffee, but still.

Not sure why I like it so much - just the peace and quiet, aka Calm Before the Storm. Even my email is fairly quiet (except for my friend Rosie who is having a MISSION trying to get a Playstation 2. Sold Out across pretty much all of Europe, apart from the smart gits that got three or four when they were released, and are now selling them on Ebay for four- and five-times their value.

Looking into photography in a big way at the moment, looking at various art sites to see what is what. If you purchased your own computer (and you probably have, reading this on the Intar-net-web!) then you'll know what a minefield it is. Buying a decent camera seems to be worse! I will probably end up with a Canon Powershot or similar - one of the higher-end ones with zoom on it. I toyed with the idea of getting a camera with changeable lenses, but I just don't see me getting into it THAT much to start with - and those cameras are very expensive. I'd like to photograph people, but I don't think I can convince anyone to stand in front of me and pose while I snap away to get practice. Bethany is a little tart - I'll just try bribe her! hehehe I might just hire someone and keep her under the desk out of the way ;)

Sitting here, I still have stuff to do. We decorated Jaysen's bedroom a while back, and he has a very cool boarder around the top - but the stupid f$cking thing keeps falling down. It's one of these "Super-Stick-No-Need-For-Adhesive" jobbies, but what a load of crap. It's not yet manage to stay stuck for 12 hours straight. So we've gotten some ultra-sticky-sticky-stuff to get it up there, and failing that, I have nails.

Gotta buy the Xmas Decorations today as well. Not having a loft (sorry, attic) we've not got much storage space - if you have a loft or cellar, think of the junk you have stored in there - now imagine that space doesn't exist, but you still have to find homes for all that stuff. Yeah, not fun. Anyways - we have a tree, but it would appear in one of our "Oh just clear it up!" frenzies, we lobbed the bag of decorations. Oopsie!

Ah well, coffee is gone now, and before I lose the will to go out, I have to brave the British Winter - it's cold and damp, but has been since about, oh, January! hehe

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