Hoppy Blue Beer!

hehehe Actually, I didn't have anything to drink last night as Jo can't drink, but we sat up and saw the new year in, kicking the old one out. I've not been feeling great over the last few days, and Jo is still feeling icky, so we decided on a nice quiet evening. Of course, we watched the last series of Friends, so that box set can go away now and stay away. I am all Friends'ed out!

New Year Resolution? Pffft can't be arsed. I never seem to stick with them. I'd like to lose weight, but then, I'd like to win the lottery. Just suppose we will see what happens!

So, 2005 thus far? Meh... Actually managed to get all my games rolling once again, but it looks like the rest of the day will be taken up with the joyus art of housework. Could be worse - this is the first time in a few years I've not had a New Years Day hangover.

All the Christmas decorations are down now - it's been, gone and done for another year. Of course, instead of having a Christmas Tree beside my desk, I now have a very pretty fishtank! We've decided to get some tropical fish, so we've got the tank set up ready - probably for next week or so. Just pretty fish is all :)

Anyways - Jo got me a belated Christmas present last week - a D&D book, The Worlds Largest Dungeon. Can't wait to run it, and am already ploughing through it. For you non-D&D-geeks, it probably means nothing to you, but if you're one of us, you know what I mean! I'm going to run it as a table-top game first, and then a play by email game second, which should be interesting! I've even set up another Blogger to keep the turns posted for all to read (assuming I get around to setting it up properly!).

So, Happy New Year ya'll! May 2005 be better than last year!

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