Hey Hey!

Christmas is finally over and done with for another year. We had a blast, ate WAY too much, but had friends, food and merriment, not to mention the kids had a great time. Not much more you could ask for actually.

Saying that though, there is one thing I would have prefered - Jo to not be ill. She got over the sicky thing from Thursday, then felt a bit better, then Christmas Day felt tired, sick and run down. AND she only had one plate of food! The humanity!! She made the best she could of it, but thinks she ruined my Xmas... Daft bint.

Anyways - the kids made out like bandits for gifts, and it's a good job Jo cleared their rooms out before, otherwise there'd be NO room for all the new stuff. Best part - most kids hate getting clothes as gifts - not our two! They were more impressed with the clothing than most of the stuff!

So - Boxing Day my Mum was supposed to come around with Nan, but had to cancel as Nan was too tired. So, we had Gemma (my sis) over instead, and once again, ate waaaay too much food - but it was a laugh. As usual, me and Gemma were sodding around like kids, but it's all fun!

Monday was our first "Day to Ourselves" which was spent clearing up and generally trying to tidy, and yesterday we finished off the cleaning up (aside from the washing up which can fricking well rot!), and today we're off out for Jo's mums birthday. We're off to a resturant for a meal around lunch time which should be nice :)

And this time next week, the kids will be back in school! No plans for New Year as yet - probably going to just stay in and have a quiet evening. No point going to a party - I am not a party person, and Jo is way too preggers!

Hope ya'll had a good Crimbo, and here's to a Happy New Year!

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