A Nice Quiet Day

For the first time in a looong time, today was a day without people, screaming kids, shopping or "other chaos". Crawled out of bed around 9am, Jo came out of the pit around 10... Kids were behaving and watching kids TV, and we pretty much all did what we wanted today...

I dug out my old copy of Diablo 2, while Jo soldiered on through Warcraft 3. Hmmm, seems to have been a day of Blizzard games (as World of Warcraft is still downloading, also a Blizzard title!).

Anyways... We've been doing some laundry on and off, chatting to people on instant messengers, generally having our first "lazy day" in a bloody eternity. Of course, it will all change tomorrow no doubt - Jaysen is better and going back, and Bethy starts at the school Pre-School tomorrow at 12.45 till 15.15.

So, in about an hour we're going to bath the kids and then put them to bed, and probably end up watching a movie to finish the day.

It's not ALL roses... Thanks to the hospital, Jo is testing herself for Diabeties each day, but to what end? It's actually a pretty sore point at the moment. They've put Jo onto a FULL Diabetics diet, and THEN told her to test herself. Well, of COURSE her results are going to show lower levels of sugar - she's not having anything with the frigging stuff in it. All her results have been between 4.0 to 6.0 and I believe they only worry if the numbers are greater than 8.0... So, Jo has to stab herself 5-8 times a day and record these numbers, for what?

Seems that some people really don't have a clue...

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