Morning :)

OK, first, I believe I have led the world on a merry little dance, so now, if you want to find out the sex, click on this link - you will have to highlight the black box to see it :)

Anyways - woke up to a house of clocks flashing 12:00 - apparently we had a powercut during the night. The computers are OK, and aside from having to do the clocks, all seems fine. Well - sort of. We are in the closed beta of World of Warcraft. The next phase - Final, or Open Beta - is starting now. The trouble is, every time they patch the game, we have to redownload the ENTIRE game - 2.4GB of data, using a BitTorrent client that doesn't work!

So, despite having a 2Mb connection, it takes 24-36 hours to download this program. Which eats up virtually all of the bandwidth from the internet connection. Mails take forever to send, web pages take forever to open - it's a mission. And, of course, as everything went off at some point, the WoW download stopped. Now, it does seem to be quicker than normal - I've already got 46%, so I am guessing the power went off early this morning, but it's a pain in the butt!

And I feel like pants. Can't wake up, headache and back giving me hassle. Nothing a jug of coffee can't fix! I hope!

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