For the last couple of days, I've had a headache - a real, full-blown humdinger. I've tried drugs, caffeine , chocolate, glasses on, glasses off - bastard won't go though. Joy, I am probably coming down with something,... Just in time for the kids to go back to school.

I feel like I've not stopped since the finished school before Xmas. People coming and going, us going to visit other people - just one thing after another. Trouble is, Jo is so big now she can't do anything, so where she would help with the housework before, she can't do it at all now.

Added to this, I'm going through the Fun Time Insomnia Show... I either lay awake till the crack of dawn, or doze off, then wake up for no reason. So I am tired as well.

Plus sides... Downloaded a new version of Trillian which is very sparkly, but not massively different. Got ahold of LotR: Battle for Middle Earth which is a real-time strategy. Quite amusing, not doing too badly, but we shall see.

Tomorrow we have people over for me to run The Worlds Largest Dungeon - actually really looking forward to that as we've not had a decent game in a while.

And this week - busy as hell. Jaysen is back at school tomorrow, plus Bethy's teachers are coming to meet her. The Thursday we are back up to Guys Hospital for them to have another peek at Baby's heart - we're not worried about it really as they were 99% sure it was fine from the last scan. Friday-Sunday I think we're clear, then next week Jo is back at the hospital about her new-found Gestational Diabeties, then a scan - it's one thing after another!

Last - if I have you on one of my messengers (MSN, AIM, ICQ, Y!) can you let me know who you are - I've been editing names from "Bob34942" to "Bob Smith" so I can tell, but there are a few that I really don't know! hehehe

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