Fetal Cardiology Scan #2

Fun and games started yesterday at about 5pm - Jaysen (who went back to school yesterday) started being sick. Marvellous. As we knew we had the scan today, we had to arrange for Jo's mum to have Jaysen as well as Bethy. THEN at 11pm, Jo joined the Puke Party. So, between him and her being sick all night, everyone but Bethy was up all night (me for moral support, hold back hair, rubbing backs, rinsing sick-bowls - the usual!).

So, this morning at 6am, we try to figure what to do - Jo can't face a train ride (rush hour, two kids, Jo & Jaysen sick - sod that!). After much faffing around we end up with all of us being taken up to Guys by Jo's mum. London rush hour car traffic is worse than the trains. But anyway!

We had the same sonographer again, and again, everything looked absolutly perfect. She said she isn't allowed to *completely* rule out a small hole or such like that would be too hard to see, but as far as she is concerned, everything looks excellent.

Now, the sonographers up there are "only cardiac trained" but it makes sense they started as "general" sonographers. Jo asked if she might possibly maybe have a look and see if she could figure the sex of the bump. It took a while, but she caught it. Twice. From two different angles!

HOWEVER - we are not going to tell people that don't want to know! So, if you want to know, click the link below! If you DON'T - then DON'T!!

EDIT: Because a certain person said so, I have removed this link.... For now!

Once on the new page, you will have to highlight the black box too, just in case you "accidently" click it! hehe

I've already been told by several people I sent Text Messages they want it to be a surprise, so there you go! As with all pre-birth scans, they can't say 100%, but the lady was convinced one way :)

Now, we're back home, and Jo's mum has offered to take the kids back to hers so Jo can go lay down, and I can do what ever it is I do. Lots of coffee is on the cards :)

Thanks for the messages of support! Jo is back at the hospital tomorrow as they've decided she does in fact have Gestational Diabeties - so there is something new for us to do. Then we have midwife next week, then a physiotherapy appointment as her pelvis is giving her a lot of hassle....

It never ends!! hehehe

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One Response to “Fetal Cardiology Scan #2”

Anonymous said...

I know the link to see what sex the baby is... muahahahaha!