The Weather to Match a Mood

To say the weather over here is shite at the moment, and I mean shite! Heavy rain, high winds - it's pretty pants to be honest. We skipped from Spring to Winter, back for a bit Spring, and then straight into Winter!

I hate people that bitch about the weather!

Anyways - with Baby now less than 12 weeks away, we've come to the realisation that Bethany will be having her next op very soon - and it's scaring the bejeezers out of us. We don't have a date, but it is being arrange for "before baby arrives", we're having a hard time with everything. Jo was awake all night upset she was going to lose Bethy, I've been stewing this morning wondering how Bethy will cope with it....

When she had her first surgery, she was a baby. She was drugged, didn't do a lot, and only cried if she needed something. Her second op wasn't much different. Still wasn't talking, a slightly bigger baby than before, and again, was drugged through it all.

Now is a different ball game. She's a little person, wants things, tells us when things aren't right... Added to this, we're now stuck in "Worse Case Scenario" mode. And the only people that understand are you lot. It's just not fun and we're not coping exactly "well".

[Edit: Apologies to those that already read that - it was a blatent "Copy and Paste" hehehe]

Anyways - earlier today, I put out my cry for help across my heart groups that I am a member of, and so far, the response has been fricking amazing. Bethy has been stable for so long, I almost forgot how much of a support the lists have been for me over the years, and heavens knows what I'd do if they weren't there. I've not even finished reading all the mails, and tomorrow will start the mass "Thank You" send out, but if you are reading this before then, THANK YOU. Really.

If you find yourself in the same boat, you can check out these support groups, and know you are not only in the greatest company, but at least one person has been through it all at least once.

So - again - to all my friends on the lists, thanks for the help - and thanks for the help since we started this crazy ride back in November 2000!

And, as is the case when the mood sucks, we're getting a doner kebab now! hehehe Night :)

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