A Boooring Day!

So, despite having messed around with the Blog page all day long, pretty much nothing has happened. Well, that's a lie - nothing interesting has happened would be closer to the truth.

Took Jaysen to school, and had a Christingle thing dropped on me which I wasn't expecting - so spent 40 minutes squashed into a school chair (tiny!) which did my back the world of good. The teacher really doesn't have much of a clue about anything, so had nothing ready, so me and another mum got the stuff ready. I think sat with Jaysen and his four table mates - none of their parents showed/helped - so I was skewering Dolly Mixtures onto toothpicks and into the oranges for them as well.

Got home eventually - and the weather out there is damp and windy - pretty crappy, especially considering last weeks "100% chance of snow", so my aching spine got cold, which added to the pleasure of walking in the cold. I should point out, the "100%" chance ended up as damp and grey for most of the country.

Spent the morning and most of the afternoon between playing AngBand (if you're an older geek, you will recognise it, otherwise you will think WTF), updating the weblog, hassling people via Email, and spamming someone elses blog. All a laugh...

During that time, I was also juggling Tam, as well as watching Jodie play World of Warcraft. She herself has been playing WoW and doing laundry all day, as we have (again) mountains of the stuff.

And the theme music for the day has been a Trance radio station called OhMyTrance. If you like anything in the way of music, you will hate it, but meh :) If you use WinAmp, click Here to listen!

Ignore the above - the only reason I've been listening to OMT is because my favorite site has been down for a couple of weeks - but it's back this morning! Yay! So - if you like or want to listen to trance, go to Rise FM, which you can listen to Here. As before, you can listen through WinAmp, buuut RiseFM support other Media Players - click Here for the list!

So yes, in other words, it's been a fairly quiet day...
Roll on tomorrow - Friday!

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