For The Image Challenged...

See, I am so talented, I am writing help, getting Jaysen ready for school, AND eating breakfast!!

To add a picture to a post:

Go to "Compose an Entry" as normal, but BEFORE you start typing, put the picture in you want.

In "Compose" Mode, you will see a list of options across the top of the text box - Font, Size, B, I, T etc etc... There is a little image of a photo there - click it.

This opens the "" window - from here you can either add the pic from your computer using the left box, or from the web using the right box. Chose a layout - I always use Center - and an image size, default is Medium, and click Upload Image.

You can then type around the picture till your heart is content!

So, here we have my sister and her new husband Peter on their wedding day, signing the Register. Worlds Bravest Man.

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