Dirty Vimto

Drink of the moment... Now, this is probably easier to make here in England than over in the States, but you never know. Also, the drinking age over there is higher than over here, so if you're a kid in the States, you shouldn't make or drink this ;)

Aaaanyways. Vimto. Most kids have had it, I know I had it as a kid. To make an alcoholic version (without using Vimto, that is), you need the following:

  • Tall Glass (big enough for ice+shot+bottle of WKD)
  • 1x Bottle WKD Blue
  • 1x Measure of Port
  • Ice
Plonk the ice in the glass. Add the measure of Port. Pour the bottle of WKD into the glass. Enjoy :)

Gotta go - Jo is cooking a rather hefty steak dinner, and I am enjoying my third Dirty Vimto. Oh, and I managed to find a picture of my sexy gal ;) Don't tell her though, else she will kill me! hehe

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