So Damn Busy

Blimey, has it been almost a week since I last updated this? Oops...

Well, I DO have an excuse this time. I suck at time management. Rather, Jo is poorly, so I've been doing everything while she wraps up, snots and coughs everywhere and feels sorry for herself. I've had the Cold % Flu remedies running, while entertaining two squids, as well as trying to make sense of the housework. Added to all this we're still gearing up to Xmas, so dealing with friends and family, getting shopping, wrapping gifts.

In other news... Tam has taken one- and two-steps here and there, just to keep us on our toes. She either steps and pauses, then sits down, or step-step grab and stands up holding onto something. She's only 9 months old! She also like Pringles and Coco Pops. Dry Coco Pops, ie, no milk.

So, with Jo ill, I've not really had much time to do anything. Town is - as usual for this time of year - sort of like Hell on Earth, but with a million times more demons, in the form of rude, unfriendly and generally arsey people pushing and shoving their way to bargains, gifts and me to a nervous breakdown. Tis the season? Yeah, tis the season for every person to be as shitty as possible to their fellow man. And people wonder why did 90% of our shopping online this year. "Oooh but you have to support the local shops" I was told by an old granny a few days back. I don't need to support anyone - if our local shops close, maybe everyone pushing and shoving like brainwashed sheep will bugger off somewhere else. And I will STILL do my shopping online.

Aaaanyways, we sat and watched EuroTrip a few nights ago, rather amusing, if you're into predicable comedy "slash" teenage road movie with lots of breasts and swearing. My only problem is that it had the generic American view of Europe which always hacks me off. We also watched Mr & Mrs Smith again which is a great movie - very amusing. I like War of the Roses, and Mr & Mrs Smith just took the whole "Husband and Wife Trying to Kill One Another" to a new level! Eek - just noticed, War of the Roses: 1989. I was 12 or 13 years old when it was made! hehehe

And last, a brief "sigh of relief" for a good friend of mine that found a large solid lump on the back of her skull and was told it could be bone cancer - thankfully it turned out to be a large cyst that is being monitored, so YaY for that!

And now to get dressed, and to try and smack some kind of coherance into Jaysen to get him ready for school!

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