Icky Sick...

Men are wimps. I know this, and I accept this. But damn I feel like hell. I don't just mean "Aww poor Dan has a headache and feeling sorry for himself" but full on hurting from head to toe, shivering and sweating, coughing, sneezing super-duper headache from hell. Sunday I came to bed about 1530/1600, and that is pretty much where I still am. I've gotten up for showers, toilet, and bed-airing, but that's about it.

I feel somewhat better today - I can stretch my fingers out without them screaming in pain, and I can touch luke-warm water without it hurting me. Of course, my spine is thinking all the time in bed is hilarious fun and is screaming at me every minute of the day. I've slept on and off constantly over the full 24 hours of a day. I need a shave too.

I woke up this morning, and wasn't even sure what day it was. Tuesday? Wednesday? Thursday? The sun was out, but I wasn't sure if it was morning or afternoon. Completely lost track of all time. I've had DVDs on that I've not seen the end of thanks to nodding off. I've picked up books to read but lost my place after dropping them as I fall asleep. I've had three meals total, all soup with a bit of toast - none of which I have managed to finish. I HATE feeling this ill.

Jaysen is poorly too - he's got his usual winter sickness, consisting of streaming nose and swollen throat, so he's on the sofa. Jo and Tam are fine. Well, Tam is - Jo is tired and stressed and has a sore arm. A needle.

Rather, a string of needles. See, when we lost Bethy, me and Jo considered getting tattoos done, then everyone else decided they would too, so we put it on the back burner. Jo's mum and dad got one each, my mum got one, and Jo's older brother got one. Jo didn't want a little girly fairy, as that isn't who Bethy was, and finally found something she loved - a fairy with an attitude :) So she had that done yesterday. I'll get a pic of it in a few days for you.

So, other than me having mega-germs, and Jo defacing her body, the house is pretty quiet... It's a laugh I suppose...

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