The Stuff I Do..

Yep, I am still sick and still in bed. I feel like crap. Got up, did some housework, played some games, read some mail - came back to bed. I need a miracle cure or something.

But of me whining like an old woman.

Hobbies? Fun? Well, since part of my back decided to leave me in limbo - not literal limbo - I am a bit limited on regular physical stuff, so most of the things I enjoy now are able to be done from a chair, sofa or bed.

And stop giggling at the back ;)

I love to read, and spend a lot of my time with my nose buried in something (again, stop giggling at the back please). It might be a real book, a webpage, or even a downloaded book - I love to immerse myself in something. Do I have A favorite author? Not at all. I love to read various kinds of book, from Fantasy books, to modern day spy thrillers, to True Crime things. Do I have a favorite book? Again, no - I read too much to say "This one book is my all time super-duper favorite" but I can say, these are the books I enjoy most - and this is a pretty big list:

And these are just the ones from memory - I've got bookcases of books all over the house, and to sit and go through them would take, well, it'd take a bloody long time. Just a note - the Laurell K Hamilton books are pretty rude (*cough* pornographic *cough*) in parts, and Bravo Two Zero is fairly graphic in parts. The links above are just to the sites though ;) It's not just books though - I like to read Web Comics online also - check the links section down on the right for some that I read daily.

Wow... Where would I be without my music. Seriously, if I am indoors, I have to have music on - even as I type this, I have music running across the network to the bedroom. Its not that I hate the silence (well, I don't like it much, but not the point), but I love to listen to music. I currently have about 2000+ mp3s on my computer, ranging from classical music, dance/trance, rock, oldies, blues, rap, RnB - nothing Country though, my god I hate Country & Western!

Favorite songs? hehe totally depends on the mood. There's no way I can list my music without filling a server with junk, and there is no way I could list them in order of preference. My collection ranges from Aerosmith to ZZ Top, with everything in between.

I LOVE the movies, I love watching a film (unless it sucks, of course!), especially if it makes me laugh. Big surprise eh, I am a big comedy fan. Not ALL comedy though - some of it I sit and watch thinking "what the hell?" and move on. I love my Videos and I love my DVDs... The video collection has been building since me and Jo started dating and is pushing 500, and the DVDs have been building for a couple of years and has gone out of control - 300 or so.

But, as with the music, I don't like just one genre, or just one actor. Not really into war films, and certainly not into Cowboys & Indians films. I've got some old movies, I've got new movies. Comedy, Horror, Mindless Action, Thriller - I think my movie tastes are like my books - a bit of everything. I enjoy going to the cinema as well, but never go spontaniously - "I want to see THAT movie" and we go, not "Let's go to the movies and see what's on". Far too disorganised for me!

As you have probably guessed, I love my gaming. I love computer games, internet games, console games, and table-top roleplaying games - however, I am not big on most board games, never really have been, but there are a fair few that I enjoy playing. Computer (PC) games, well, I love to play World of Warcraft - an online MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) - which is played online with other players around the world. Of course, being a geek, I play on a role-playing server, so most people speak in-character and such like. I also love to play First-Person shooters, like Doom3 and Unreal Tournament. Then there is the Angband game I mentioned a few days back, but unless you know it you probably won't enjoy it :)

Internet games, well I have lots of sites bookmarked to play games online, mostly Miniclip and Shockwave. Then there is the Playstation, Playstation2 and Gamecube - I don't get to play on them much, as Jaysen loves them and they are pretty much his, but given the chance, we play various games on there - especially multiplayer for laughs. Oh, and assuming I've taken some pills, I have the occasional bash on a Dance Mat and kick Jo's arse everytime. Other than that, we're big players of Dungeons and Dragons, though haven't had a game in a heck of a long time - my creative gaming mind just hasn't functioned since we lost Bethy, so most D&D games are on hold for the time being.

So, that's pretty much me :) If I had to suggest one of each for people - the average Joe - then I'd say:
Reasoning? The Da Vinci Code is based part in fact, part in fiction, and is really gripping - not to mention well written! The Lord of the Rings is an EPIC movie, covering love, adventure, loss, fear and bravery - plus the special effects kick bottom! I See You Baby - Bethany's song, simple as that - she used to run around wiggling her bum and singing along to it. You can view the ad with the music Here - select (from the right) Megane - Shake It. And Neverwinter Nights - very immersive, indepth Roleplaying Game, using the Dungeons & Dragons rules.

And that's pretty much me :)

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