Being Anally Retentive

I am. I can't help it. Apparently, it's because I am a Virgo, that everything has to be just so. I've never really held much into Horoscopes and their like, but I do find that the star sign info is often fairly accurate.

Taking the information from this site (and being bored out of my skull!) I've taken the points that the author makes:

"Good" Points
-Modest and shy
-Meticulous and reliable
-Practical and diligent
-Intelligent and analytical

"Bad Points"
-Fussy and a worrier
-Overcritical and harsh
-Perfectionist and conservative
Well, people that know me "in the flesh" know I am shy. I know, those I know via the web, I am not what you would call shy, but hiding behind a monitor makes a world of difference! I don't talk to people I don't know, don't enter a room and want people to say "Hi Stranger!". And I hate being told "Yeah, great job Dan, you rock." I do what I do and that's that.

Meticulous - well, sometimes. I like to know every detail about everything, have it planned out, and look at every minor point. Which is probably why it took me two days to attach a light fitting ;) Reliable? Well, I can be. I hate being late anywhere, and if I say I will do something, it gets done. Granted, I have been known to put things off, but it will always get done.

Practical and Diligent? Practical, certainly. If I need to go from A to B, I don't go via N. If a job needs something I don't have, I look for the next best thing. Diligent - I am like a dog with a bone. Head down, get on with it, regardless of what is trying to put me off!

Intelligent? I like to think I can be a smart ass, but intelligence is hard to define. And I am definitely analytical. Why does this happen, what happens when I do this... It's no wonder I love the web, science and computers! hehe

As for the bad stuff... Guilty as charged. I DO worry about the most stupid things, to the point of making myself sick, and I am fussy to the point of stopping myself and thinking "Dan, grow some!" Overcritical? Only of my own stuff and people I don't like ;) Harsh? *cough* well, that's possible. Apparently I am not the most, ah, tactful person in the known world. If the meat tastes like hot donkey ass, I won't say "Hmmm, I think the meat is a bit funny" I will say "Your joint of beef tastes like hot donkey ass". Honesty ;) It's a double-edged sword! hehe

The site also lists Likes and Dislikes for us Virgonians:
-Health foods

-Hazards to health
-Anything sordid
-Sloppy workers
-Being uncertain
The list of likes is - worryingly - close to me. I like to eat health food as some of it is nice (despite me being a fatty!), lists help plan things, hygiene is a no-brainer, order makes life easier (if I keep things in a certain place or in a certain way, there's a reason for it!) and wholesomeness... er... what? OK, not sure about that, as it seems a bit vague ;)

Dislikes, well, "Hazards to Health" is pretty non-specific. I don't like dodging traffic, but I like rollercoasters. I like beer but I don't like drinking bleach. Meh, whatever! Sordid is another one of those obscure things, and being shy (hehe) I won't go into it! Sloppy workers DO drive me nuts. If you want something to be done well and right, do it the first time. I don't care if it's writing an important report, or mopping the floor! And squalor - meh, I live in what I call "Organised Chaos". To the untrained eye, it might be untidy, but I know where everything is, and can go straight to it. Until Jo does some housework and throws my system!

And I hate being uncertain. I can handle mystical "I don't know what I will be doing when I am 60" but I don't like what we went through with Bethy when she was born. The Unknown in that aspect scares me, and I dare anyone to tell me they don't feel the same.

Do I believe in horoscopes? Not by a long chalk. My horoscope for today reads:
Tidy up some messes around you and you'll gain a great sense of accomplishment.

It's all about the art of appreciating yourself. Schedule a massage, go on a yoga retreat or take a week off to laze around the house and cook fresh, delicious meals for yourself every day. It's the little stuff that matters.
Well, I did the housework yesterday and my desk is spotless. Massage? Yoga? pffft right. Cook fresh delicious meals for myself... I can see it now. "Jo, I cooked myself some food as the stars told me to do it. You can cook for you and Jaysen..."

There will be blood, of THAT I am certain!

Edit: I actually wrote this post with a point and purpose, but really can't remember what it was... Erm... I think it was me being anally retentive on my mp3 listing. meh.

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