Various "Stuff"

So, this week has been on and off somewhat - shite days mixed with good days. What can I say?

Anyway, instead of rambling about one subject, I thought I'd cover a few. Hey, it's Sunday, I just crawled out of bed and am tired and hurting. Stupid sleeping in.

Mp3's - I had a trim down the other day, and removed just over five hundred tracks that just don't get listened to. Ever. Of course, my playlist is almost 1900 tracks now, with a runtime (if played concurrently) of just over five days. hehe Easy Listening? Still, a few people have been asking what songs I have, so I thought "Sod It" (as I do a lot) and generated a playlist. Everything from Rock, Pop, Dance, Trance, Classical, Britpop, RnB - everything except Country and Western, that is. Yes, I know Shania Twain is on my playlist, but that is not a CnW song! You can have a look at what I own on this handy dandy list!

PIssing around on the web? Well, there's certainly a lot of junk out there (and I mean a lot), so I figured I'd slap some in the same place for you to look at:

  • Crazy Woman - From "Trading Spouses" which I guess is like the British show where the wife of two different men move into the other's family for X amount of time. This woman is certainly, ah, shall we say - religious.
  • Unfazed Dog - Two pilots do a Loop-The-Loop with their faithful hound.
  • Falling Sand Game - Just... Addictive. Build walls, make patterns - I have no idea why this is so addictive, it just is! For the record - Cera=Wax, Namekuji=Slug (Salt Kills, Water Grows), and ???=Blow Everything Up.
  • Google Earth - Another one of those things that I can waste ages on, just wandering around looking at the world through satellite imagery. You can probably find your house if you live in the states!
  • Lazy Fishing - And no, for you people in the Southern American States, this does not involve Beer and Dynamite.
  • Avoider - Don't let the little fellow get your mouse pointer, don't let it leave the box or your score resets. Oh, and don't touch ANYTHING on the screen... And you want the first item in Japanese/Chinese on the start menu.
  • The Perfect Parrot - Lastly, something that made me chuckle, and give me more reason to get an African Grey Parrot! hehe
I think that covers it... If you're still bored, well there's probably no help for you!

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One Response to “Various "Stuff"”

Dan said...

Hmmm, let's see now...

Aerosmith - I only put on there the tracks I like. We have several of their albums, but Jo prefers them to me, and has most of the tracks on her computer.

Inxs - meh.

Ozzy - Overrated fat dude.

ACDC - The two songs I have are from movie soundtracks!

Duran Duran - *yawn* chick music.

The Who - two songs, both CSI songs ;)

Iron Maiden - I have two albums on there (might have trimmed them down, however) from my "youth" when I was in college.

Queen - ugh, seriously.

Britney = Jo & Bethy music, NOT mine!

Weird Al - I had a lot more, but had a hard drive melt on me :(

Jimmy Hendrix - not my cuppa.

The Killers - I've only heard one of their tracks (Mr Brightside) and they're not that big over here yet, so haven't really bothered with em.

Beatles - Overrated. Very overrated.

U2 - How's this for amusing - after a while, most of their stuff sounds the same. heh. And yep, I was a kid in the 80s - and the only good thing to come out of the 80s was New Years Eve 1989 - and become 1990. I think the 80s has been deleted from History books too. Waste of paper!