Did You Know

Did you know that a large box of Kelloggs Frosties have an interesting second-usage aside from Breakfast?

  • Take one Large box - the bigger the better.
  • Open said box, and open bag inside.
  • Somehow, rupture the bottom of the same bag.
  • Pull the bag out of the box.
  • Live safe in th knowledge that Old Man Gravity is still working in full effect.
I still can't figure how Jaysen managed it, but he did it. And the amusing thing, a seven year old faced with a bag of cascading Frosties SPINS like a mad man trying to work out what to do, while Gravity does it's thang. Do you realise how many of those bloody flakes are in a bag? I'll give you a rough estimate.

About 25 square feet. That's not counting the entire work surface, sink and draining board he ALSO completely covered. Nor the remaining few inches that escaped to freedom into the bottom of the box. We have a large, powerful vacuum cleaner. I had to empty it three times before giving up and resorting to the dustpan and brush. Sally looked like she was going to burst.

I wouldn't mind, but it's not the first time I've had to deal with something like this.

Live and learn, I suppose ;)

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