Eeeew with a capital "Gross"

I can handle stinky. I don't like it, but stinky isn't the be-all-and-end-all for me. I've been to some stinky places, I've known some stinky people, and I've fallen into some stinky stuff. But today, by all that is gross and slimy..

Those that have been reading a while might remember our Washing Machine saga waaay back year before last. Well, the fricking thing has clapped out on the wrong side of it's warrenty, so we're getting a new one this week. Of course, this means me and Jo had to lug the old hunk of crap out from the kitchen (no easy task) and sort out the pipes.

Well, for the last few weeks, when the machine empties the kitchen fills with a smell akin to a backfiring sewer works. Yuk. I mean, it's not nice at all. I knew the cause - the "exit" pipe from the machine has a layer of slime inside it, akin to a clogged artery. So I decided I'd be smart and clean the pipe out.

Well, after 30 seconds, Jo vacated the premises. After a minute, the stench bought Jaysen in to investigate (Stink+Child=Apparent Fun), and me and him spent an hour laughing at the grossness coming out from the pipe. I reckon it's been building up for a while, and today, breaking it free released it's stinky glory. I got splashed, Jaysen got splashed, the bath is black, and now, all I can smell is rotten gross stuff. I've washed, showered, bleached - but it's just "lingering".

Jo says the pipe smells better though! hehe

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