Adventures In Tattoo Land

Jodie:Here we have the one on the top-centre of her back, her "geek" tattoo. She was going to get "I Love My Geek" but decided the pain was too much. This one was sore!

Here is Jo's Bethy tattoo. Most people wanted to get a delicate little fairy or butterfly to remember Bethy by, but we knew she was anything BUT delicate! So, she got her sexy fairy in great big clomping boots! THAT is Bethy-Like! Underneath the tribal writing says "Bethy" with a border.

Mine:OK, right forearm, "TAMSYN" in Old English (or something) writing.

Left Forearm, "JAYSEN" in the same font. Still needs a few bits touched up here and there.

And for the record, the "J" is as sore as it looks, and the "N" at the end of each name, on the wrist, THAT hurt. Sore as hell, but fine now. The outlining hurt a lot more than the colouring.

And lastly, the cover-up tattoo to hide the crappy little thing that used to be on there. This is a work in progress, and I am having more added to it over time.

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One Response to “Adventures In Tattoo Land”

Anonymous said...

HI Dan

What Fantastic Tatoos you have, I just love Jo's Bethy Fairy