Xmas, New Year, Stuff...

Well, now we're out the other side of Xmas, it's time for me to think back over it... And then bore you to tears about it!

Christmas, well, christmas was actually really good. We went to Jo's parents Xmas Eve, and stayed there Xmas Eve, Xmas Day, Boxing Day, and Bank Holiday. Boxing day night we had a bad moment, laying in the dark, but otherwise, we had a bloody good time. We cooked dinner on Xmas Day, and despite screwing a couple of things, everyone enjoyed it. And of course, Xmas Day wouldn't be the same without family bickering! We kept out of it, and just sat back and watched the sparks fly. It was nothing major, and it always makes me chuckle. We slept in the living room on matresses, while Jo's older brother had the sofa. For anyone that feels earthquakes on a regular basis, I have the cause - Grant "I Snore For England" Baylis. My god. 5am Boxing Day we dragged a single matress upstairs and squeezed on there on the spare room floor.

Bank Holiday, I finally got something done I've been meaning to do for a long time now. Many many years ago, we had a friend that drew up some tattoo designs, and I decided to go for it. Well, that was nearly nine years ago, and the part I had done was about the size of a two-pence piece (approx. an inch and a half at a push). I've had this little thing on my arm all this time and it has always been the target of much amusement. So with some of our Xmas money, we got it covered up with some shaded Tribal work. NOW it looks good. Well, aside from it being somewhat scabby at the moment - once the scabs are gone, then I will put a picture of it us. Jo's is all healed now and looks the business too - she's going to have a little more work done on it, as some of the outlining makes it look like a sticker! hehe

We came home and sifted through Jaysen & Tams mounds of gifts, clothing and what not, which took several days. Needless to say, they both got spoiled rotten and had a grand time, with people visiting with gifts, gifts from santa, from us, from family, from friends... So the few days we were home were spent sorting out stuff!

New Years Eve also happens to be Grants (The Snore King) birthday. He hit the big 30 this year, so we went back to Jo's parents where he is living at the moment and had much food and drink. Saw the new year in, and went straight onto a downer. A new year, no Bethy. It really hit hard, Jo moreso, but she held it together like a pro. The last thing we wanted was people fawning over her with the "Are you OK?" and various degrees of sympathy. But, by around 2am she perked up again, and we didn't go to bed till nearly 5am!

It was excellent staying at Chris & Frans (Jo's parents). Fran was happy to have the kids while we played games and had some drinks (no drunken behaviour from us, I should add!), and aside from helping with dinners and dish washers, we didn't have a care in the world.

Of course, we're now home again getting back into a routine. Jaysens sleep pattern is completely screwed, plus he's had an ear infection for a few days which has been a blast. Not. But now, we're looming on the 15th, which would have been Bethany's 5th birthday. Really not sure what to expect there, so we're probably going to lock ourselves away for the day or two. And then next month will mark the first anniversary of us losing her.

Not sure what to say nor what to expect. Suffice to say, we're dreading it...

Anway - here's to a happy new year, hope you all had a grand safe one, and all the best for the next 12 months.

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