Bethys Garden

Had a call today from Jo's parents... The stonemasons have been up to Bethany's garden, and put her stone on there in time for Xmas. I haven't been up there yet - and feel awful because of that - but Jo did and took the camera. I can't really express myself enough here, but here are the pictures of the stone.



Tinkerbell Detail


The stone is called "Rose Granite" and has flecks of pink and purple, as well as gold and silver sparkles in it. The writing is obviously a very pretty pink.

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2 Responses to “Bethys Garden”

Anonymous said...

Bethy's stone is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us. Much love and prayers to all of you. I can only imagine what a struggle it still is for you. Thanks for allowing Bethy to be a part of and touch so many lives...even now.

Debbie (CHDParents)

Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful tribute to your precious little girl.