And The Germs Go To...

Me. Arse.

OK, I don't have it anywhere near as bad as Tamsyn, but I still feel pretty crappy, and have done since Thursday. Sore throat, blocked nose, headache, coupled with the sneezing. Ugh. So aside from school runs and housework, I've been pretty much vegging out and doing nothing.

School is off this week (which is probably why I am ill), and Jaysen is in sod-mode overdrive. Yesterday he decided to cut some of his already cropped hair - so now he has four bald spots that are rather noticable. But tough - I'm going to make him sweat it out and leave it for the week.

Tam is virtually better now - still a bit snotty and sneezy, but otherwise back to her crawling-like-the-wind, escaping-from-the-walker, stealing-daddys-food ways. The girl likes chilli, by the way.

Managed to get a couple of movies in. Aeon Flux, based on the original (odd) cartoon that was on MTV. Pretty good special effects, some decent fight scenes and a rather, shall we say, odd plot. It didn't hold my interest that well, but meh. However, the kids movie did. Hoodwinked is about Little Red Riding Hood, but with a twist and with the other characters story leading up to the events in Granmas Cottage. Very amusing, and has Patrick Warburton as the voice of Mr Wolf. He's a very amusing chap - you've probably heard his voice in The Emperors New Groove as Kronk (and later in Kronks New Groove). Just a funny funny chap. Oh, and the soundtrack to Hoodwinked is excellent too!

Been killing time with a very addictive game called N Ninja, except I have the download version from the authors homepage. Plenty of levels to get you pulling your hair out and thinking "Just one more go..."

But otherwise - all is quiet ;)

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