Still Poorly

Which is pretty much my lifetime theme. "Dan's Got Germs" and no one is surprised. Ho Hum.

Jo tried to kill me yesterday to, just for laughs. A couple of weeks ago, we shifted the tumble dryer into the kitchen so it is now beside the washing machine - no more lugging a basket of wet clothes through the house to dry, no sir - now you hardly have to move your feet!

Anyway, dear Jo sort of forgot to put the tumbler exhaust pipe out the window, so while she is upstairs doing whatever it was she was doing (probably stage two of Operation: Slay The Fat Bastard) I am downstairs trying to figure out WHY I was getting so hot, and how come it felt like I was breathing wet air. Conclusion: I WAS breathing wet air. Of course, I didn't realise this at the time. So the sore throat/bunged up nose has gotten worse since SHE tried to kill me. I had windows open, I was coughing, sneezing, and even resorted to my Asthma pump. Joy!

And now, here I sit on a Monday morning, blowing my nose every two minutes and coughing like an old man. I keep semi-forgetting it's Half-Term Break, and when i see the clock I think for the slightest moment "Crap, Jaysen's late for school!" then realise a nano-second later "No, wait..."

My brain hates me.

And of course, tomorrow is Valentines Day, and I am in a real pinch what to do. Last year, we "celebrated" V-Day at Bethy's bedside - Jo got the obligatory card, chocolates, flowers and balloon, but it was marred by the fact Bethy was very poorly at this point, and shot back down to Intensive Care the following day. Now, Jo hasn't made any mention of Feb 14th as yet, and we've not made plans to go out (all our baby sitters are sick, out, or hospitalised!). I don't know what to do, so think I might MAKE her a card (with crayons too, just for added childishness!) and see what happens. If she's having a pants day, I'll just give her my usual amounts of hugs and love, but if she is having a good day, then I will present her with the card, and maybe a voucher for a back rub or something ;)

As for our baby sitters... Ugh. Gemma (my sister) is "Up The Duff" and poorly with it, so she is out of the picture. Ruth (one of our friends) is having something done in hospital (I think it's one of those girly things, so didn't press for info!), Jo's dad had an ankle replacement last week (and the local hospital is causing him all kinds of hassle!) and is still in hospital, which means Jo's mum is out of the picture by default. Neighbours? Hell no. With a capital Hell. Jo's brothers? Pffft.

Guess I'll have to cook her something special then. Like a toasted cheese sandwich. Or a great big meal - and save the washing up for her.

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